Thursday, September 17, 2009

odds & ends

*The weekend's wedding festivities went off fabulously and pretty much without a hitch. Everything was lovely, bride, bridemaids, decorations, ceremony, even the weather held up. While it was only a mere hour or so away, it oddly felt like one of those sexy expensive destination weddings since we got to stay in a hotel (okay, DeKalb isn't exactly sexy. Believe me, I take what I can get these days in terms of travel.) Plus, I might quite possibly have had the most definitively delicious wedding cake with perfectly not-too cloyingly sweet frosting ever. I am currently trying to figure out how to turn my floor length eggplant bridemaids dress into my Halloween costume this year. Witch? Evil Queen? Zombie Princess?

*I am still struggling to keep afloat the chapbook schedule and have a few books I'm wrapping up before the end of the month, as well as the very late wicked alice issue, which seems to keep getting pushed aside while I put out other fires. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some time in the afternoon to get the last few poems ready and the issue up, barring any poetry, publishing or shop related emergencies..

*Saturday, I will be here most of the day and it looks like alot of great discussion. It's also a busy couple of weeks coming up and I'll be reading at a couple of places as well as taking some dgp poets to the St. Pauls first Friday's series on Oct. 2nd. More details to come..

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Brandi said...

Oh! You look wonderful! What a great dress ;)