Saturday, September 05, 2009

long lazy weekends

There is nothing quite nicer. Of course, the semester starts on Tuesday and already the campus is full of wide eyed freshman who every year get younger while I get older and older. Already some of the trees are yellowing, the days noticeably shorter, and the light different. I will be going back to my noctural hours (actually this is a good thing, I'm so tired the last couple of weeks I can barely focus most of the day.) I will actually be working two days this week and then I'm off for wedding festivities that will involve margaritas and bachelorette party drunken mini-golfing Thursday, the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and the actual wedding on Saturday. The programs are printed and ready to be folded this weekend, the jewelry for the bride and my mom finished, a couple other little crafty things accomplished, and everything ready to go..

I've been having odd dreams, one involving the cats, alien invasion, and the plot of Lost, but which was a novel and not a tv show..and or some reason, especially lately, my mother is always angry and dissappointed in me in my dreams, though we get along and are pretty close in real life (once I was out of my hellion teenage years that is.) Of course, there is so much about more private stuff she doesn't know. I probably just have a guilty conscience..

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steve roggenbuck said...

kristy, i like your abbreviated ellipses: ..

2 dots is really all you need, yes? & it's more transgressive that way, too.. undermining the status quo, yes?