Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dgp notes

*I am currently finishing up about 5 books in their final stages, three of which will be revealed at St. Pauls on Friday night, and two more by non-local authors. All that's left is assembly and one cover design and I'm set to go. I 've also been struggling to keep up with the backlog of sale orders, so if you've placed an order the past couple of weeks, the last of them will be going in the mail on Friday. Tomorrow, I'll be in the studio most of the day making books, which will be rather relaxing after an seemingly unbroken string of days at the library.

*I am still at work on wicked alice and am in the process of sending out acceptances. If you've sent anything since the spring reading period ended, and haven't heard back with a rejection, you're still either in my to-read pile, or I am holding for the last round. (a good sign) Everything that has arrived this period September 1st on, is being read for the next issue after that, so bear with me if you can...I will also be making my way through the rest of the dgp inbox hopefully by mid-October, though it is slow going with close to 350 manuscripts to peruse. In this case, it is also a good sign if you haven't yet heard from me with a "no".

*I had some sad news from another dgp poet that Adrianne Marcus had passed away recently. Adrianne was the original dancing girl, our first poet, brave enough to take a chance on letting dgp publish her chance when the whole venture was just a vague idea in my head back in 2004. She was an awesome lady and a talented poet, and it's sad to see the world without her. Here is a beautiful tribute written by her daughter.

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kerri said...

i am sorry for your loss. what a beautiful thing that her words can still live on in such a magical way.