Sunday, August 16, 2009


Much of this weekend was devoted to working on a few revisions of poems, a couple new pieces, and doing a little research for a new text/art project I've been hatching. There was also a bit of collage-work (I'm working on some new soap packaging hopefully), as well as some framed pieces, and some votive candle holders. I haven't ever actually made candles, which I will be attempting next week, but I suspect it is similar to soap except with..well, wax and a wick.

Meanwhile, we have had a spat of warm, overcooked temperatures, but today was cooler and stormy. Friday, I had an enjoyable afternoon off, a long lunch with R, a few hours folding books, then an open studio, which moved a few things out in terms of inventory. (I always waffle on whether or not to participate, but am usually glad when I do) I am on the verge of launching into super production mode in order to stock up for the impending holidays (yes, the retail calendar is a bitch like that, summers not even over and they expect us to be thinking about Christmas?))

This is a short week, since I am taking a couple more days off from the library and making a long summer weekend before the insanity of the semester starts in a couple weeks..

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