Thursday, August 06, 2009

dishes, dresses, mirrors

I have made some serious scores in the thrifting department this week --some beautiful mustard toned floral dishes, a couple of pretty 70's dresses, a big faux gilt mirror, some mirrored vanity trays for display, and, if I decide to go back and get it, possibly an amazing 50's salmon colored loveseat for the studio (only $70). Otherwise, there has been dining out al fresco, big vases of gladiolas, lounging profusely, sleeping late, planning fall soap varieties (green apple and a sweet almond), and reading trashy books I wouldn't be caught dead with in public. I've also been slightly reordering the KD manuscript in light of a couple recent additions. Still not sure if it's contest bound or if I will hold on to it a little longer.

There is of course, high drama and quarreling in the wedding preparations which I am trying to stay neutral on, mostly involving lavender ribbons which will or will not be adorning the candy buffet, the money that the groom thought the bride had covered, who will pay for what and wheretofore. All of which firms up my determination that should I ever decide to get hitched, I'm Vegas bound in the middle of the night with no one the wiser.


kerri said...

the loveseat sounds amazing!
kerri x

Talia Reed said...

Good idea on the Vegas thing. After I got married I said I'd never do that again. Or at least, I'd never have a bridesmaid!