Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The reading went very well up yonder. Woodland Pattern is amazing, and I brought home a few goodies, including some chaps by Arielle Guy and Brenda Iijima, as well as a cool issue of Tinfish/Trout(that had a very sexy map slip cover). We made a day trip of it, wandering up through Wisconsin, stopping for ice cream in Lake Geneva where we always do whenever we happen up there. It was cloudy and rainy, so the lake wasn't quite as beautifully deep blue as usual (the only Lake I'm willing to admit is prettier than the one outside my windows now..) The rest of the weekend was spent vegetating, prowling thriftstores (I will post pics of some of my gorgeous finds on flickr tomorrow...), eating actual food instead of frozen crap or takeout (sweet corn and strawberries and bbq ribs, oh my), and sleeping very late.

Back in the saddle, there are still chaps to finish and orders to process, packages to get ready to send out. Two things are on the board for this week, including my reading up in Evanston at BrothersK and a salon event in the studio with Brandi Homan, Kathleen Rooney, and Carol Guess (rumor has it they will be talking about humor in poetry and reading some things for us..) I am also trying to get my ducks in a row for a few dgp readings in the coming few months.

It seems to be full fledged summer finally (May and June have been unnaturally chilly). It's high 80's and humid now, a drastic shift from last week, and I had to finally nix the down comforter on the bed and pull out the fan. Summer will sadly be over before we know it though, especially amid Sept. wedding plans for little sis (having polished off the save the dates, the invites, and the bridesmaids dress, there is still the shower invites and favors, some jewelry I am making for her and my mother, finding shoes for my dress, deciding what to do with my hair, program design for the ceremony, and some sort of bachelorette party shenanigans...(all of which is only a fraction of the overall extravaganza, which is why if I ever get hitched, I am totally Vegas bound..I couldn't handle the stress of pulling something like together--at least not without going all bridezilla.

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