Saturday, June 27, 2009


*Last night's reading up in Evanston at BrothersK was great fun..I got to meet some new cool poets and see some old grad school peeps..I did miss the correct stop and had the terrible idea to hike (instead of take the train back) to where I was supposed to be, so I was a little late, but it was an awesome time. Today was our salon at the studio on humor with Brandi, Kathleen, and Carol Guess (in town only for a few days, but she's reading in the Orange Alert series at the Whistler tomorrow at if you've missed her thus far.) I realize that I often find myself drawn to humor, but can't quite pull it off in my own work. Kathleen mentioned that her favorite sort of humor was "funny/sad" and perhaps I'd like to strive more for "funny/disturbing"..

*Things are progressing a little slower than planned on the remaining chaps, but they are coming along. I think I just need more hours in the day. I do finally have poet copies finally in the mail for Kate and Talia and Kristen Orser's and Dawn Lonsinger's ready to print this week, plus Stephanie Anderson's needs to go back for a final look. Subscriber copies and all recent orders will also go out before Friday godwilling.

*Today was one of those days where I am in love with Chicago again, warm but not too humid, the lakefront filled, all the shady green little pockets one finds downwtown. Even the morass of Taste of Chicago folks couldn't make me cranky.

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Kathleen Rooney said...

Thanks so much for having us, Kristy. I learned a lot from everybody!