Saturday, May 02, 2009


*So apparently my headache was not, after all, swine flu, but allergies. After popping ibuprofen for two days to no avail, I tore into some benedryl and everything is all better. Usually, every spring and fall I get some mild pressure behind my eyes and maybe a sniffle or two. But this felt like the nasty hangover headache that wouldn't end.

*Isabel somehow busted the dress mannequin when she knocked it over last night at the base. I've glued it and it appears to be holding. Since she breaks at least two or three things a week in her wild acrobatic overtures. If she weren't so cute, I might just have to sell her on ebay.

*I am working on some new hair clip and brooch lovelies made from all the dye botched slips I continually end up with. Maybe another batch of the lemon verbena soap. I have new supplies on their way and am currenly staring at several large bricks of shea butter, oatmeal, and goats milk bases, but I'm waiting for some new oils, including lilac, magnolia, and honeysuckle.

*On the docket this weekend poetry-wise, since I actually have a blissful weekend without work or other pesky obligations, I am making my way through Brenda Shaughnnessy's Human Dark with Sugar and Robyn Schiff's Revolver... both authors whose first books I adored, and am liking these as well...

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