Saturday, May 16, 2009

notes: weekend edition

* I am loving these essays over at Delirious Hem. It's caused me to think about a few things myself, and clarify a few of my own ideas, and as soon as they are in readable form I will post them here. Speaking of feminism, I like what Lara Glenum has to say about the Gurlesque here. The part about the grotesque and the biological body vs. burlesque and the body on display. I like that her take on the subject is based in the theory, rather than the reductiveness I've sometimes seen in other discussions of the subject..

*the weather, with the exception of a couple warm rainy days, has been glorious this past week, everything blooming and greening. The semester came to an end yesterday, and amazingly the deluge of returned books was not so horrible. There was much ado this, though, with events all week and the Manifest festivities on Friday (though the parade was sadly rained out). Now, it will be rather quiet for the next three months.

*I am just finishing up the layout on a new batch of dgp chapbooks that will bring us finally up to date on the schedule pretty much. I have a couple more tweaks I plan to do Monday before I send them to the authors for final proofing, but otherwise they are done. I'm also making progress on Robyn Art & Robin Barcus' photo/poetry collab full length project. a couple of weeks ago, I was also so very psyched to be asked to consider a submission from hands down one of my favorite poets ever (who I had no clue had even heard of us let alone would like us to publish her) In fact, is in our guidelines page list of poets whose work we yay!

*I am working on a postcard poem collaborative project with forthcoming dgp author Julie Strand that is turning out to be very fun. It's still in it's infancy, but I am liking what were getting so far..

*other weekend tasks include laundry, mending a couple of slips, putting a final glaze coat on some new flasks for the shop and making/packaging new soaps (this week: cherry almond, sweetgrass, apricot, & fresh clover.)

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see the collaborative work you are doing with Julie Strand whenever it gets firmed up.