Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april is the cruelest month, it really is..

I am considering throwing my hat in the ring for Napowrimo (Natrional Poetry Writing Month). A poem a day, 30 poems by the end of the month. I've attempted it in past years and usually last til about the middle of the month and then fall so far behind that catching up would be impossible. Like many things other than poetry I am continually thinking up great creative ideas that I have a hard time bringing to fruition, so for the past few months I have been scribbling notes furiously in my notebook, yet most of the poems remain unwritten ever since I finished the other manuscript. Not to mention I still find myself writing poems for that manuscript--ones that somehow NEED to be in there-when really I'd prefer to be working on something entirely new and not beating the same dead horse. There hasn't been any closure, any end point, any clear break like with past books. So maybe I need to work toward that this month. Anyhow, I may change my mind before the week is out, since I have so many other irons in the fire, but perhaps that is precisely the reason I need to do it this year. In past years, while I didn't always end up with a full-service finished peice, usually I ended up with a few promising fragments that were later developed into something whole. If I do it, I will of course post the pieces here at least for a little while (unless they are awful and unsalvageable, then I probably won't..)


Anonymous said...

Why is it that this month is Poetry month? Oh my! This is the first day I have not written anything! No April fools!

Daniela Olszewska said...

My perfectionism does not allow for NaPoWriMo shenanigans.