Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today was spent uploading a host of new things in the shop, including my last big batch of glasses, new postcards, and some vintage housewares I've been hoarding since Thanksgiving. There is still more to come... I am waiting on another postcard batch from the printers, have other myriad projects (art and jewelry) ready to photograph, and again am feeling overwhelmed, but it will all get done eventually (I hope). I've also been ordering supplies for a new little line of indulgent lovely things, including bath teas and some salts, having learned from less spectacular results last time. (Actually the salts were good and I sold a couple bags, but they kept leaking through the organza and my packaging needed revamping..)This time I'm using chunkier sea salts and tin tie bags, so we shall see..

Otherwise, I am still recovering sleep-wise from the AWP crunch and about two weeks of running nonstop without a day off. it was blissful to wake up this morning and have nothing to do, nowhere to go, no plans whatsoever. I need more days like that. I am hoping to delve into some of my book fair haul, including this and this, both of which I am very excited about. First however, I need to return the pile of books in the living room that had to be removed to pull the entire case away from the wall to rescue the glasses that Bella had knocked behind becuase they'd been sold.(see post below..)

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