Sunday, February 08, 2009

21 things I am loving

weathered windowsills
the color blue
depression glass
old postcards
earl grey tea
Sylvia Plath
acoustic music
italian food
young Mickey Rourke movies
marie antoinette
architecture tours
mary janes
doll parts
mead composition books
roadside motels
colored pencils


Brooklyn said...

Re: Young Mickey Rourke. Are you watching Rumble Fish? That's the first film I ever saw him in, and I'm in love with him in that film, and I refuse to acknowledge that he is anything BUT The Motorcycle Boy. :)

kristy bowen said...

That ones on it's way from Netflix soon..last night it was Diner and Angel Heart...

C. said...

Ahh...Rumble Fish, brings back all my teenage angst...I was in love with "Dallas" from "The Outsiders." I still have a worn out copy in a box somewhere deep in a closet. Who couln't love a book with characters named Ponyboy and Soda Pop. And then, to put those faces with those names- Matt Dillon, I still love you even after that -Something about Mary movie and your big teeth- scary, but I still do.

The Big Burbs said...

here, here...
emphasis on YOUNG, where Mickey Rourke is concerned. Avoid The Wrestler at all costs!

kristy bowen said...

Definitely!..I saw a preview for that and wondered what happen to his face...plastic surgery gone horribly wrong...