Friday, February 06, 2009

slightly frothy

The last couple of days, I've been literally over overflowing with new ideas for the press and the shop. It's good, since I usually come up with at least one thing that actually works (sometimes more.). But as a result, I spend too much money buying supplies and sometimes it takes months for me to actually get around to the projects. The next week or so is solely devoted to making and printing books, so everything will all have to sit tight for awhile. I'm currently working on some collages on old vintage wooden plaques, as well as some new earrings, but am hoping to get to a weird little box project involving these little broken vintage german dolls & ephemera, some sea glass pendants, and other little message in a bottle jewelry. Also more postcard designs...there might also be a new anthology like project for the press we'll be soliciting work for, but I need to work out the details...

Otherwise I am furiously folding chapbooks, craving chocolate and conversation hearts, and writing letters to someone who seems very far away. This next week is a doozie, though...more details on AWP happenings to come..

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Talia Reed said...

Yes, the conversations hearts; I've been scarfing them down.