Friday, February 27, 2009


this week with a backlog of orders, inane taxes, broken printers and not much chance to update the blog. Things are definitely on the upswing, and today a blissful day off from the library, (since I'm working on Sunday), and I'll be getting everything out hopefully. I have finally, amazingly figured out the taxes yesterday, and will be ordering a new laser printer next week (poor thing just wore out I think, along with my booklet stapler, which I've already replaced with a sleek new long arm number.) Otherwise, I am just muddling through this week, working on the bath goodies. My apartment smells like oranges, the studio like green tea and lavender. I also ordered a new tabletop rack for chapbooks in the studio, since I keep shoving too many in the spinning one and they all fall on the floor everytime I spin it. Plus, I'll be better able to see what needs restocking. We will be having an open studio event in a couple weeks, so I'm trying to tame the chaos and make everything a little more browser friendly. Yesterday was a weird weather day, with alot of fog and ghostly trees with a single bright bunch of balloons caught in their mist.

PS. The newest chaps will be up as soon as I fix the printer issue. I had a few printed for AWP, but can't print anymore until I get the new printer, so am holding off on getting up the webpages. Also author copies are on their way out, as we speak....)


The Big Burbs said...

pretty photo, Kristy.

kristy bowen said...

thank you!