Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today, lots of snow and coffee and sleeping til noon. I don’t so much mind it if I don’t have to venture into it.

I’ve been reading some new poetry scores, including the magnificent Jen Tynes’ Heron/Girlfriend and a horselesss chap by Emily Abendroth, whose work I’m not familiar with. On my weekend reading list are a couple of NMP titles from Rachel Moritz (her second from them) and Ariana Zwartjes. Also, yesterday, I receieved some beautiful little books from hand held editions that made me drool for production values alone, —the covers, the dictionary and map end pages, hand sewn, linen innards—oh my!!)

Otherwise, there is writing (or trying or something like poems) for a new project, organizing bookshelves that are forever unruly. I’ve also been watching Season 3 of Lost. If you recall I was gaga for this show until I was a bit unhappy with the last half of season 2 and gave up on it. I watched an episode at my parents house over break, however, and decided to give Season 3 a go. It has not dissappointed.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking of making soup and doing some closet organizing..also, I have been very busy in the studio, especially with chapbooks and photographing/making new things. so I'll be adding some of them later, including new necklaces, letter openers, and some more vintage glasses..

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