Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday afternoon neurosis

I've decided that the best way to deal with my serious feelings of overwhelment are to make a weekly plan, with daily to-do lists and everything mapped out, almost to the hour. Otherwise, things get away from me. I forget or procrastinate. Then spend an hour or so daily freaking out when I should be actually accomplishing something. It seems to be working, even though I'm a day behind in the studio on tasks since I decided to go home to avoid Monday night's impending but non-impressive blizzard. Still I'm spending a little less time freaking out and a bit more getting things done. Of course, winter and the usual bad moodiness makes me seriously OCD about somethings (manifested by rabid housecleaning, closet organization, excessive archiving), so a list I can check off helps immensely..I think perhaps this time of year I feel least in control of things in my life (especially this year where everyone around me is having some sort of crises--legal, financial, job-related etc.) Today, apparently the repair guys tried to burn up my parent's van with a welding torch on a rather routine repair. Again, I feel subject to disaster..

(of course tiredness plays a role in this, I'm working a wonky work schedule that makes me feel like I'm always here. Plus I'm staying up too late making my way through all those Lost episodes..maybe I just need a nap..)

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Bronwen said...

Hey Kristy,
Have you tried You can make as many lists as you want and sort your tasks by date, etc.