Saturday, January 24, 2009

bits & peices

1. Even though a small part of me still wishes it was Hillary in the White House, I was very happy and flattered to be a part of this.. (Needless to say I didn't include that detail in my poem *ahem*).

2. I think I finally have the kissing disease finished and all in order. I'm not sure why this seemed harder than the last two, perhaps because these have a bit less of a narrative base, or less story, or maybe less logical cause and effect to them. It made it harder to determine where they went, what followed what. Since anxiety plays a role in this mss.., and given there is a section of phobia poems in ITBM, when someone (non-literary, non-poet) asked me one day recently what I wrote about, all I could say was "birds, fear, anxiety, and circus freaks, you know, that sort of thing".

3. I made the mistake of renting this and it was quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in quite a while. I will sit through just about anything, bad B-horror movies, insipid romantic comedies, boring documentaries. But the only thing that allowed this movie to keep playing was the fact that I was all wrapped up and comfy in my afgan on the couch and didn't want to move to turn it off. I'm sure Mary was probably spinning in her grave..I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a couple of others, both of which came out during the time I was working on the archer avenue poems.

4.Our fair Jane Doe scores again here..I knew this book was awesome the first time I saw it, and am happy it's getting the attention it so deserves..

5.I am in the midst of the cover design of Claire Hero's newest (who also made that blog entry with her Caketrain chapbook, afterpastures) The design involves a paper with a wood grain veneer that I am so very in love with..I just added the latest release to the side, Heather Green's The Match Array. Watch for titles soon by Emma Bolden, Arianna Sophia Cartsonis/Caleb Adler, and Susan Slaviero, all of which are in the final stages.. I just have to finish the layout of Kristen Orser's Squint, but then I will be reasonably caught up..until next month anyway..

6. I just ordered our promo materials for AWP, including some new business & post cards. The button went over well a couple years ago and I still have some, but they might be a little too pricey to swing this year..I have a couple little other promo ideas though I'm still hatching, though.

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