Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I had a rather glorious week off from work that began with my very fun reading last Saturday at Quimbys, was followed by the usual fun holiday festivities (turkey, family, shopping) but ended this weekend with 24 hour flu that laid me flat (literally) and involved all sorts of badness (including a nasty knot on my forehead from passing out in the bathroom at my parents house and an unfortunate collision with the furnace grate..) I am just a little shaky, but back at work, and looking rather bewildered at the mountain of things that need to get done before the end of the year. I have two chaps on the verge of being ready to go, two others in the process of layout, and another to start. Also, there is the issue of wicked alice that is in the works, with (finally) all the work selected and due to debut on Friday if all goes well. Not to mention a general holiday swell in the shop, which has me happily packing and shipping like a madwoman the past day or so. (I am also a bit behind in the sudden rush of chapbook sales as well since the beginning of November, but if you ordered something, it will be on its way soon.)

I will have next year’s lineup of dgp posted in the next day or so, though, as soon as I hear back from a couple authors to confirm. Final cuts were messy, messy, and I still had to turn away more books than I would have liked, but we wound up with about 8 books per season –a total of around 30 for the entire year. (I’m aiming for seasons these days, not months, since I’m always off by a couple..) I will say again I am continually shocked and amazed by the work we get, and even whilst working today on an upcoming chap (Kim Gek Lyn Short’s The Residents), astounded at what we get to publish. It totally makes all the extra work, the juggling, the insane stapling marathons worthwhile.


Brooklyn said...

I have no idea how you do it. THIRTY???! I'm behind by months at FOUR. You're insane. And amazing.

Take care of that knot!


Talia Reed said...

I did that one time when I was sick. I had been losing my cookies for 3 days straight and was left bone thin and weak...so much so that I passed out in the bathroom, knocking my head against the wall.

I'm glad your doing better.

I'm anxiously awaiting that lineup!

K.A. Bell said...

Geez Kristy...glad it's only a knot and not a concussion! Rest up, and then worry about the books. I have two to do for December and I'm complaining...I'm such a slacker.

sexy said...