Sunday, November 09, 2008

not quite a weekend

Yesterday at The Empty Bottle was so-so in terms of sales (I blame the economy), but it was followed by an excellent dinner at Leonas with our proceeds, so we broke even at least..I sold a bunch of cheapie typewriter key rings though, a newish thing I haven't tried on etsy yet.. Plus I arrived home to a couple of online sales while I was gone, so all is good. I went to bed early and slept late before coming in to work today and plan a quick housecleaning when I get home, some dinner, and then some poetry work. Then, of course, it's up early tomorrow and down to the studio and I start all over again, a very long week since I'm working on Saturday as well. Tuesday, I do get a brief reprieve and an evening off from the library anyway, since the dgp show will be on the road to Flourish Bakery with the awesome Cecilia Pinto, as well as me reading some other pieces from billet-doux from non-local contributors..(details here..)

Otherwise on tap this week: finishing up one chap, its cover design, and layout finalization on two others. I have still yet to be able to photograph the Christmas ornaments due to a profound lack of sunlight the last week, plus I'm still working on the little wallpaper notebooks and the gift sets.

But it was a good week in the ever ongoing romantic drama arena idea if the weather will hold, but I'm enjoying it while I can...

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