Thursday, October 16, 2008

okay, seriously...

when we have open submission periods for dgp, kindly stop sending such awesome work. Really, you should only send badness that I can quickly and expeditiously respond to with a brisk "no" and get on with it.. I will very likely be forced to not only abandon any hope of scaling back the operation next year, but might just be lured into publishing MORE. You have to understand this very may well shorten my lifespan, ruin my social life, and turn me into wild eyed reclusive bone folder weilding fiend with no friends. Not to mention, my poor printers, already abused, both physically and verbally on occasion. Sometimes, I can almost hear them protesting. And think of the Staples and UPS guys, every time they have to deliver another heavy box of paper, another toner cartridge, another box of envelopes. More chapbooks, and I will very likely have to practically live at the studio and thus neglect my poor kitties, random boys, the dishes, the laundry, and quite possibly my own mental well-being.



Okay, obviously I'm loopy today (and have far surpassed my cute kitten pic quota this month). There is much goodness, and I am overjoyed at getting to read them, and that these amazing writers want my little ole press to publish them, but I'm also getting anxious over what I have to cut. I've already accepted a couple, have about 8 in my definite file, and another 30 in my maybe, with about another 50 to read.. Of course, the more submissions I read, I keep thinking back to that snotty Billy Collins comment in his BAP intro a couple years ago, about how some tiny percentage of poetry was actually good and measured up to his standards…. I WISH. It would make my decisions a lot easier…

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Juliet Blood Pudding said...

"wild eyed reclusive bone folder weilding fiend"

Hahaha! You are hilarious lately.