Sunday, October 05, 2008

I spent a little time today trying to tame the mess of ribbon, fabric, and other little sewing supplies that was starting to take over by moving these shelves from the entryway closet and into another little corner of the apartment. Since I do most of this work, and most of the jewelry making at home, it helps to have somewhere to stash the accoutrements. I also just ordered some cool apothecary jars from one of my favorite vintage shops to hold buttons and whatnots.

In my organization frenzy, I managed to track down that blasted down comforter, which was, as I suspected all last winter, in the trunk in the living room beneath the pile of library books awaiting their return home. Otherwise, I have been working on some bracelets, including the one below my mother wants as a gift for someone, and another plum colored one. I am very excited about all the new shop things, including some baby onesies appliqu├ęd with vintage chenille scraps, some new notecards, and all sorts of surprises.

In poetry news, Fridays reading at St Pauls was…er..interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever been at a poetry event that involved an irate, grudge-weilding disgruntled dude hollering at the poets and the audience about everyone being elitist and his right to free speech right before he was kicked out (a friend, not knowing the backstory, said she thought he was going to come back with a gun). Otherwise, though, it was fun, and a great new space for the former DvA series……

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