Thursday, October 09, 2008

books you must read

Cadaver Dogs/ Rebecca Loudon (No Tell)

I just ordered a copy of this last week, and an very excited about getting it. As if the cover alone was not enticing and creepy enough, but it’s by one of my favorite poets ever.

Oneiromance: An Epithalmion / Kathleen Rooney (Switchback)

Hard Reds Brandi Homan (Shearsman)

I’m hoping to make it out to the release party for these two books by former dancing girl poets. I also had the privilage of reading B-Ho’s manuscript as her thesis so I know it’s awesome, and given Kathleen’s work with Elisa Gabbert in Something Really Wonderful, am stoked to get the chance to read her solo venture.


Radish King said...


I hope you like it, Kristy.

Brandi said...

Ditto that. And ditto the creepy cover, I love it!