Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend projects

These are a slightly larger, shinier, version than the old cases (which I couldn't find anymore on ebay..)

It's been a paperweight making frenzy. I always used to think these didn't really sell and I just liked making them, but actually the bird ones usually sell pretty quickly...I'm always having to make more..

I finished a bunch of these charm bracelets just waiting on the toggle clasps..they all have adorable book charms on I'm thinking of calling them "bookish bracelets" or somesuch. Some have little typewriters on them, and so far rabbits, mermaids, squirrels, teapots, and birds..I'm also going to be doing children's versions as well....

I also worked on some christmas ornaments involving wood bird cutouts, old map pages, and german glass glitter, but I ran out of glue and daylight, so I'll show you those later...instead you get a kitty (Zoe) on the verge of disaster (luckily I saved the votive holder..)

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