Sunday, September 28, 2008

new & pretty things

I've begun listing the charm bracelets the last few days, as well as some new glasses. I'm still working on more in a all sorts of colors, so stay tuned.

Yesterday at the antique market was glorious weather, lots of browsing, and quite a few sales (mostly earrings it seemed..)Today, however, is rainy and cold and I fear late summer is finally gone for good. Last week was a bitch, having started my having out rather organized and productive, and ending with the whole wicked alice issue and apparently losing my work/spare keys somewhere between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, not particularly catastrophic problems, but pains in the ass nonetheless. Also the rushing to finish up notecards and a thousand little details for the market. Today, however, I am doing much of nothing besides adding a couple of things to the shop, reading my newly arrived Foursquares, drinking tea, and playing with the kitties whilst waiting for my grocery delivery (seriously, it's disturbing how much glee I get from those things that come to me withut my having to leave the house for them (Peapod, Netflix,

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