Thursday, July 17, 2008


1. The kittens are adorable and pretty much keep themselves entertained. I woke up twice during the night and they were running around tackling each other both times. The rest of the time they like to sleep curled up in the bookshelf on top of some old anthologies. I have decided on Isabel and Zoe, though I’m sure these names will migrate into other names, as I’ve already taken to calling them “Zoebean” and “Bella”.

2. I am continuing to work my way through Carol Goodman’s books, which have definitely become more and more supernatural, or I should say that the supernatural is playing a more obvious role than in the first two books, which I love, of course. I keep merely missing my stop whilst commuting and last night, stayed up til 3am finishing Ghost Orchid. I only have one more then will have to wait til August though for the next, so I should read slowly.

3. Tis the week for post apocalyptic movies—first I am Legend, then last night The Mist. Not particularly thrilled with either. While the zombies in the first and the big bugs in the second were cool, the plots and dialogue in both sort of sucked and both seriously blew their endings, a pity since by concept, they were promising.

4. I've been formulating some thoughts about this. I'm particularly interested in what Lara Glenum says about "performing the grotesque" since it's that gothic element that I'm more interested in than the frilliness and ponies (all well and good as well). I also feel that at the same time it is altogether either too limited or too broad in scope. I think it definitely might be used to encompass alot of what I find myself drawn to and or find myself choosing to publish as an editor...more soon..

5. Otherwise I am laying out chapbooks, making more jewelry, and tweaking the kissing disease...I have been remiss keeping up with submitting the new poems, just sort of just non-plussed by the whole tedious process. A necessary evil, but these days, if I can't just e-mail the submission or do it online, it doesn't seem worth printing out a copy, finding a spare stamp (all of which I prefer to hoard for mailing dgp things.) I also can't bring myself to deal with the wicked alice inbox when I've been devoting so much time to chapbooks. Since I'm reading for the summer and fall issues, though, I might just roll them into one and get it out in September. Tomorrow, a blessed half day, so I have to restock notecards for the antique fair next weekend (I can't keep any of them in stock for long, it's insane), as well as more paperweights and various whatnots. I just need to get through the next few weeks then I have some time off around the end of August.

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Jeannine said...

Good - I'm so glad you're going to comment on the "gurl-esque" essays, because when I was reading all of them, I kept thinking: "Do they mean like Kristy Bowen?"