Monday, June 09, 2008

Printers Row, even though we got a bit rained out yesterday, was a rousing success otherwise. The highlights included selling lots of chaps, plus some notecards and paperweights, and in general giving out lots of business cards, etsy postcards, and little info sheets, in essence, spreading the word far and wide... Plus I got to see quite a few people I never get to see anymore and meet some new ones. The lowlights were, of course, the torrential storms and wind that closed us down mid-day yesterday. Our little trio of presses (FeatherProof, Switchback, and dancing girl) also kept getting yelled at by security not one, not two, but three times for various paltry infractions like having a canopy, taping things to the brick wall, and apparently having banners covering the Tribune logo on our tables...we're such trouble-makers...:)

I am exhausted however without getting a real weekend, though. After it rained, I had lunch and did some shopping with my sister & company (who is, as of this morning, betrothed to the "& company", which means a wedding is, in fact, in the works..)then I went home and just slept for hours and hours, so long I put the cats to shame. Today was spent finishing up the layout on Anne Heide's wiving, musing over cover design, and trying to get my bearings on all the stuff that needs to be done now that I'm not quite so deadline bound.

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