Monday, June 16, 2008


1) I have been watching the movie Cloverfield an inordinate amount of times. Since I don't really have tv reception and no cable, I usually put a DVD on, and the last few times it has been this. While I like the movie, I have henceforth determined that if the person you love will not walk back through a burning city to save you under threat of being eaten by a giant Godzilla monster (let alone stop being a lying bastard, leave his wife, or even return your e-mails) then you should probably fall in love with someone else.

2) I have become obsessed with raspberry scones from Starbucks now, so I will soon be very poor. I am also lamenting the lack of tomatoes at many fine dining establishments. A BLT is just not the same without them. Last week, I nearly had melt-down in Subway when I discovered this. The next day I went to the Chicago Carry-outs around the corner, who still had tomatoes, but I'm sure I picked up worse things than Salmonella. The big old pile of bacon near the grill was a dead giveaway.

3)I am also obsessed with vintage wallpaper scraps and am amusing myself with various ideas on what to with them. I have some larger pieces that would make interesting chapbook covers for an as yet unhatched project. Otherwise, I am also making pendants, dyeing slips, and in general keeping myself busy. This is a good thing.

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