Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. The dulcet blog has in fact been resurrected. I still feel like I have multiple personalities, but I need something more connected to the store and perhaps a little less, well, private than this one. Not that I air all the dirty laundry here or give anyone a unique glimpse into the inner depths of my soul (if I had a soul), but I can just post pictures of pretty things there and link to all the other cool little style blogs. (which reminds me, I still have to, when I have a couple hours, redo my poetry links on this blog..)Besides, I'm sure you all get sick of me nudging you to go buy things (though I do adore those of you who do!) Plus, I am probably boring to death all you manly men out there...I promise to talk more about sports, or cars, or porn or whatever it is you guys do and less about boxy purses and vintage s&p shakers (two of my current obsessions)..:)

2. in the bird museum is ever more nigh...we have a spectacular cover, I have a final proof in my hands I am working through with a fine tooth comb, and we may have a book, indeed, before the end of summer if all goes well. Which also reminds me, there is a feature on the chapbook kollecktiv up at Jacket.

3. I am still printing Maggie Ginestra's Darger book, Deep in the Safe House, , and hope to get the cover scanned and the webpage up in the studio tonight. I'm working 9-5 this week, which means plenty of work time, so I'm milking it for all it's worth. Also on the agenda today, to finish laying out the next two books. Mind you, I'm on the verge of falling asleep at my desk at work this very moment, but I have been busy at night...

4. In the past week I have made approximately eighteen paperweights, 5 reliquary boxes, 1 pencil box, dyed 35 odd slips, and made about eight sets of hairpins, 8 naughty little notebooks (you guys will love these) five cool new necklaces with watchparts, and designed and printed three new notecard designs. Left to do before Saturday's craft fair: Make more flasks and those cigarette case wallets. Make a few repairs and embellishments on some of the slips. Cut and package all the new notecards. Also, I wanted to get some new collages done, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

5. Tuesday night's reading a Series A was a small crowd, Getting down to there in Hyde Park from downtown was actually less of a hassle than I imagined, and the arts center is really cool, a big modern building with all sorts of things happening. Sarah Rosenthal was great and I traded her for her chapbook sightings(a+bend press). Next up is a feature at the Cafe in a couple weeks, but that is always fun and rather familiar and non-threatening.

6. I will repeat...Starbucks is fuckin evil..I've been there twice today...

7. Unreasonable-sleep deprived-over caffienated-poetry primadonna-pouty moment..I just walked by front door display case here in the library and someone upstairs put together a display of books and dvd's made by CC alumni. The most noticeable fiction alumni is Joe Meno and a couple other fictioneers who actually still teach in the department. No poetry. I know there's at least a couple big CC alumni poets out there. And I KNOW for a fact there's a freakin copy of the fever almanac upstairs..but what do I know. ..

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Talk about putting together
books is such a turn-on.