Friday, April 18, 2008

starbucks is evil and my arm hurts, or why I am a chapbook making goddess

Tempting me with their iced caramel machiottos right next door when Dunkin Donuts is perfectly suitable and much cheaper just a couple blocks away. Today was an early day, stapling and folding (why my shoulder is killing me and I have a rather viscious paper cut between my thumb and forefinger) finishing up the Poetry Center chapbook. That was the most wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am chapbook printing I've ever done, starting with getting the poems on Wednesday and managing to finish the layout and both printing and assembling them in two days. I had initially planned on just printing and leaving them for my sister to finish and deliver, but I was on a roll, so I just went with it. Of course that involved getting out of the house by 7 or so to squeeze in a couple hours before work in the studio today. So they are done and etsy orders shipped and I am out of here.


Jenny Hill said...

That's one fast chapbook!

I'm drinking out of my evil Starbucks cup this morning. It's a gift I got last night from a high school student.

Have you answered the questions yet? I need to do that this morning.

kristy bowen said...

I'm going to work on them while I am en route to Georgia...long, long car ride and hopefully my laptop battery will hold out...

Cynthia said...

Oh, I so admire, making a "fast"
chapbook! That is one of my goals
this year, along with writing a
poem/prose daily, with the
occasional revisions.
I would love to have the
instructions on how to make a