Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am convinced the post office has it in for me. And I'm not even talking about wayward rejections and acceptances. I did finally get the package that was in Chicago/New York limbo, bouncing hither and yon three times, but it's official, my print from Art & Ghosts was eaten by the postal trolls as well as an order order of dye. Bath salts was apparently turned away at the Brazilian border and there is now the first official casualty of the cat eye glasses that were snapped in transit. And now, an at the hotel andromeda order has dissappeared. I am shudder as I address more packages, including the billet-doux copies that are so very crushable. And UPS I believe hates me as well, since they insisted on trying to deliver packages while my building manager was AWOL and I had to reroute them all over the place to get them. Argh...as the daughter of a retired postman who has heard horror stories, I can assure you they are all out to get me...

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