Monday, March 31, 2008


Okay, I think I started my poetry buying spree a little too early to qualify for the massive onslaught of National Poetry Month brouhaha. Enticed by several e-mails that floated my way today I ended up spending a decent chunk of our proceeds from Friday night at places buying chapbooks. And that doesn't even include the full-length collections I have my eye on. I've been spending most of my money on crafting supplies (and maybe a bit too much on vintage housewares) the last couple months, so I say a poetry spending spree is well in order.

Plus it's going to be April, my favorite month, Eliot be damned. I have lots planned, including all sorts of new little writing projects (no NAPOWRIMO this year though, I don't need any more anxiety than I already have.) I will also be sending work to all the kind folks who have asked for work amidst the craziness over the past couple months and probably given up hope by now. Probably for the first time in several years I find myself with absolutely nothing out in submission. It's oddly freeing, not checking my e-mail or mailbox (well for poetry news anyway) obsessively...but then it also makes me feel very neglectful...

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Jenny Hill said...

Enjoying billet doux very much.