Thursday, December 27, 2007

brief update from dial-up hell

I am being ridiculously lazy the last couple of days, watching movies and sleeping til 1pm. I brought nothing to Rockford poetry-wise to work on, so I needn't feel the least bit guilty about ignoring it. The weekend was filled with many holiday festivities, including a couple different gatherings, then our usual Christmas Eve thing at my aunt's. Lots of lucious presents including loads of bath products, flavored teas and chocolates, a new tv for my bedroom (which recently breathed it's last sigh after 10 years), plus some rather unsexy things like a small drill for bookbinding exploits and a glue gun. We did have a bit of family related medical drama on Christmas--nothing serious--but enough to land us in the ER waiting room a couple hours, a sorry place to be on a holiday, but thankfully I glimpsed no one gushing bodily fluids and only a couple of broken limbs and lots of sick babies. Otherwise, I have been eating chocolate chip cookies, drinking far too many rum & cokes, and attempting to turn off the running commentary in my head about all the things I should be doing that are more productive than lolling on the couch. No luck, but I'll be heading back to the city on Sunday, where I plan to spend a couple days righting the apartment after the pre-holiday tornado that appeared to hit it before I head back into the grind on Wednesday. And of course, it is January, when the grind is ever so much more...well..grinding...