Sunday, November 18, 2007

some more pics here...

Yesterday was fun, though only a handful of people stopped by, which I knew going in would be the case. I had a brief moment of terror that NO ONE would come beforehand and that I'd be sitting there eating my sad little store bought cookies and crying in my coffee, but, finally they did. I got to meet Kathleen Rooney for the first time, to boot, whose chap with Elisa Gabbert, Something Really Wonderful, is underway and will be available before the end of the week. I was there pretty late last night stapling and folding, and only need to do some trimming, before they are done. Kristy Odelius' Bee Spit is similarly getting it's final layout tweaking and will be out around the first of December in time for the Quimby's reading and then it's onto the December chap. Yeah, not much rest for the wickedpen these days, but I'm having fun--it's a good kind of stress, unlike when I was still in school. I'm excited about the boatloads of stuff I have to accomplish before Christmas... Today I've been polishing up some etsy stuff (flasks, slips, some chokers made out of vintage trim and ribbon), which at least seem to be bringing in a bit of extra income for press and studio. I spent way to much at the fabric store this afternoon buying pretty little doodads, though.

I did finally have to pull out the winter wear for the first time--a couple days the last week i've just been being stupid and stubborn. Of course, Christmas is now pervasive downtown, all the shops having been decked out and trees lit for the big Mickey parade last night, (aka the Festival of the Lights.) It was INSANE down there yesterday, and will pretty much stay that way through the holidays, which means long bus rides and more annoying bag toting tourists.

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