Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The pretty much final line-up of next years chaps..all 16 of here. I wound up doubling up a little in the later months, it's not that terribly hard to work on two at a time, having done it a couple of months this year. I will need some time getting the studio off the ground the first few months of the year, so the double features don't start til summer.

We also have another addition to this years's schedule in November, Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney's Something Really Wonderful. I am in the midst at the moment of laying out Michaela's Secret Meanings.., which is going to be awesome and very cool design-wise. I tried about four different things in terms of how to go about it and wound up back at my initial impulse.(boxes, M, in case you were wondering...)

I've been sleeping better this week. Not quite so many racing thoughts. I'm in promotional and info collecting mood for Atelier at the moment. Toward the end of the month, there'll furniture buying and scavenging and planning to move all this crap. Of course the compulsive listmaking is still going on. There's still the print annual and the fall Wicked Alice that needs tending to. And a piece of my own that needs to be gussied up and submitted. I'm still processing orders that are coming faster than I can keep up. There's only about a week's backlog, but it's bigger than I would like.

(also, a happy B-Day shout out to my little sis, who is now only one slim year away from thirty...)


michi said...

i can't wait to see my "baby"! :)



md said...

what an exciting line-up! rad! you are an inspiration!