Monday, October 22, 2007


I do love them, god help me, if only for the reason there is more mail, it having been saved up over Sunday. Tonight I arrved home to a plethora of small boxes including some jewelry making supplies, some slips from e-bay, some interesting paperweights and birds for new projects, my copy of [Growling Softly], a couple straggler dusie chaps, and some cover stock for Bee Spit. Am still waiting on paper for the labels on Secret Meanings, which throws me a little off schedule, but I should be able to get a good number finished and posted for sale by the end of the week.

And of course, as if I don't already buy enough from etsy, I was perusing just now looking for inexpensive, smaller vintage owls to use in a new series of shadowboxes I'm plotting, and came across this little guy. Now normally I'd say no, since I have no where to put it, my desk already full of stuff. I even have a green one I found, and while it was too big for a box, I wound up putting him up for sale. And then I thought what a perfect little mascot this one would make for the studio, and had to buy him. Oh the things we can talk ourselves into..


Talia Reed said...

I love the owl. In the 70's my grandmother remodeled her bathroom with black and silver wallpaper with large owls all over. I remember sitting on the toilet as a kid with all of those spooky looking owls staring at me.

Jodi Anderson said...

I have a bit of a thing for owls and so does my daughter. My grandmum, though, has HUNDREDS of them in her home. We've tried so many times to count them, but we never quite make it.