Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday, me and little sis wandered over to the Renegade Craft Fair on Division which was in two words, very HUGE and very COOL. Well, my experience with craft fairs before has been pretty much of the variety where one finds carved wooden bears for one's yard and clothes for your concrete goose, so this was much more interesting. (I also appreciated the lack of pushy middle-aged women in turtlenecks and snowman sweaters.) I wound up buying one of these and one of these totes(except in black) and a little artist trading card from this artist (I wanted to buy something bigger, she had some really great stuff, but I was running low on cash.) And of course, I came away with so many awesome ideas for my own little projects my head was spinning.

Today was spent printing and assembling the next chap, Theresa Boyar's Kitchen Witch which is now available here. I also, spurred by all the paper loveliness at the fair, finally got around to designing some notecards to use up surplus cardstock from some chaps, and also made these votive candles holders for those who like to add a little ritual to their writing. Of course, now it looks like a small tornado hit my apartment.

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a copy of Rain Taxi in it with a short review of Jen Tyne's See Also Electric Light. Also, some shoes for me and the votive holders from a craft supply place. We are definitely getting on toward fall, I finally had to pull out one of my cool weather sweaters (I have lots of lightweight cardigans I wear all summer because of A/C, but this is the real thing-tightly knit and hooded.) The light has been different for awhile now, the shadows different. It makes me want to settle in and write.

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Talia Reed said...

Like those shoes--I've been looking for a similar pair, but am kind of cheap...haven't found a pair cheap enough.