Tuesday, September 04, 2007


this sounds like a freshman Intro to Psych project. Whenever they start talking about suicide and poets my eyes start rolling. Yes, I think people who are prone to the sorts of depression that lead to suicide are drawn to the arts more often than not, probably writing and poetry tenfold, but there are plenty of suicidal accountants and plumbers out there too...My poet friends actually tend to be the more well-adjusted people I know..there's a certain amount of catharsis to writing, even if that's not your goal.


Daniela Olszewska said...

"Having tested their original theories, the authors found that suicidal poets seemed more preoccupied with sex than non-suicidal poets. Indeed there was stronger evidence for a focus on sexual matters than on death itself in the suicidal poets."
So, horniness = suicide?

Ash said...

I'm doomed.

I lived with asshole neighbors last year. They're the worst.