Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ask me again how happy I am to be back to working the evening shift. This morning I managed to pack up some orders, finish a poem, order ink cartridges, screw around with printing for October's chap, and make the corrections in the Kitchen Witch galley (I'll be printing those this weekend)--all before 11 o'clock. Now I will get some coffee, go to work, do some actual library tasks for awhile, then settle into my circ desk shift with some dgp manuscripts. Not a bad way to spend the day, though last night I had to refrain from reading submissions. General busy-ness, needy freshmen, people looking for textbooks we don't have (and if we have it someone already beat you to it) and public printer woes, were all combining to make me cranky. It's always like this the first couple of weeks of the semester, then oddly dies off as people settle into mid-semester laziness.

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Talia said...

Mid-semester laziness: it is the third week and I'm there.