Friday, July 20, 2007

I just finished watching the second season of The Office on DVD last night, which I love. LOVE. (ask my neighbors who could no doubt hear me laughing uncontrollably all by myself.) Almost made me wish I could get network reception without cable. I have an antenna that gets me a very fuzzy ABC, UPN, and occasional FOX, but not really enough to do anything but have it on as background noise. Also in store for the weekend: Pan's Labyrinth and Twin Peaks Season 2.

Today, a lovely half day and spending the afternoon with R. Then, hopefully, a weekend devoted to working on a new art project and possibly some poems. I'm sort of treading water between two manuscripts lately--dulcet and unnamed book project #5-(well, it sort of has a name, but I'm still sounding out the feel of it to see if it sticks.) I've probably got 30 or so poems thus far, which is actually a bit more than I have for dulcet, so I'm not sure which will get finished first. There's also another chapbook idea I've been musing over, which we will see how it pans out.

I've finally caught up on all wicked alice submissions, all dgp orders, and all requests for sending work. There a couple little things I have to tend to (big news for dgp--just wait til fall!), but they're quickies and I should have them finished before I leave today. Next week, I'll begin laying out Alphabet for M, which I hope to have completely finished before I leave for another week out of town in August.


locutio obsoleta said...

Oh, you'll love Pan's Labyrinth - it's such a gorgeous film!

And, hello!

Radish King said...

I *heart* Dwayne K. Schrute III. Seriously. This is the one television show I watch religiously and it's all because of Rainn Wilson who I think is insanely funny.