Saturday, July 14, 2007

get it while it's hot

Orange Girl
by Simone Muench
dancing girl press, 2007
buy it here


and you'd better get if fast, judging from tonights sales at Quimby's, which featured awesome readings by Brandi, Erin, and Simone and a splendidly large crowd. I love Quimby's because it always seems like lots of people even when there isn't, but this time, was SRO pretty far back. Yay!

So I'm spending the rest of the weekend tidying up the tornado that hit my apartment the last few days and the giant nest-like pile of paper cuttings next to the table. When I get busy, the whole place goes to hell. Also, I need some major organizational work in the studio. Also, laundry and dealing with the stack of dishes teetering in the sink.

The weather has been gorgeous, however, since early last week, cool, mild, and clear blue-skied. Rare and beautiful for mid-July especially when it's usually pretty sticky.


Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE Simone's chapbook - so beautiful! My sister and I both bought one. And the reading was awesome - dgp has a lot to be proud of!

Talia Reed said...

I want one...and for only $6.

Sara said...

just ordered my copy! Don't make me wait too long Kristy, I'll be drooling at the mailbox every day.

Steve Halle said...

The reading was great--and Simone's chapbook is a stunner. It's a book I'll be returning to for sure.