Friday, June 01, 2007

dgp pics & news

In April, Jessica Smith was kind enough to allow me to edit a very special dgp issue of foursquare, featuring work by Robyn Art, Jen Tynes, Christine Hamm, and Erin Bertram.

I managed just under the deadline, to get our books in in time for the annual Poets House showcase, which is featured in this little article here. If you look in the middle of this photo, you can see our very lovely books.

dgp rocked AWP this year in Atlanta (well maybe not exactly) but we did have fun sharing a table with the gals from Switchback Books and peddling our wares.

Ernesto Priega reviews Christine Hamm's The Animal Husband at Galatea Ressurects.

Marie LeCrivain reviews Robyn Art's Vestigial Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Poetic

And lastly, an interview with your fearless editor:

Girlistic Magazine, Winter 2006

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