Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The weather has been glorious the past couple of days. Despite my tiredness due to the 9-5 thing this week, it was nice having the evening free last night, though starting next week working until seven will be more manageable. I am still in the process of assembling Scenes from the Body, but at least I have Robyn's copies out to her and about half the orders filled. Recieved some Transmission Press chaps in the mail yesterday, plus Eileen Tabios' chapbook for the exchange. Also some cool collage supplies I intend to use as bits for the Cornell project, pictured above. If you go to my flickr, you can also see some pics I took over the weekend in Rockford, since I actually remembered to bring the camera somewhere for once.


Laura said...

how cool is that. There is not alot of emphasis placed on studying poetry in the middleschool grades (or the stuff that is taught is the classic - bland poetry of the dead ages)and I think a project like this would be great both as inspiration to motivate kids, teach a contemporary take on poetry and recycling all in one. I think my Mom has Bingo cards like that from her old games and stuff in her basement. Would you consider coming to NY to teach a 7th grade class??? That would be awesome.


wickedpen said...

That would be a great idea. Sadly, my work schedule doesn't allow me out of Chicago very much, but perhaps I should consider doing something like that here..