Sunday, May 06, 2007

three good things

Despite printer woes, parcels gone missing, and the consolidation of my student loan sum, the heft which could probably buy you an island in the South Pacific, here are some nice things making me happy:

1)Indie movies. I was a little bored with Shortbus (even despite all the acts of nakedness). I loved, however, a film the previews ultimately led me to. Candy, an Australian film about heroin addiction was superb (and starred yummy Heath Ledger.) Also a little film about relationships called Easy.

2)Lake Michigan. The most ungodly beautiful shade of blue. Still WAY too cold to swim or wade though.

3)The Concher from Two Poet Truffles. Excellent poetry. Good chocolate. A little spendy, but all six were gone inside an hour (chocolate having a very short shelf life in my aprtment).


Also, I finally made it to the zoo yesterday afternoon, which was a little cloudy and cool, so there was not too terrible a crowd. I tend to immediately graviate toward the big cats, but amazingly we made it round to everything this time. Also, in the tiger's habitat, right there, a mere 100 yards from the tiger itself there was a mama and ducklings. Probably not the best place to have your brood, though the tiger itself was sprawled in the grass and never moved in the three hours we were there....viscious killer my ass. I came home and for some reason, slept for a few hours, ate leftover chinese food, then spent a few hours printing chaps and, later, screaming at the toner light that wouldn't go off despite changing the toner. I'm thinking I may just have a bad cartridge. At least I hope that's it.


CandyDishDoom said...

I had printer woes yesterday, too.

And ooh, I hope I get The Concher in my mail today! Yummy, yummy.

Montgomery Maxton said...

ive seen lake michigan before as that most ungodly beautiful shade of blue before; from a historic hilton's room. i gasped, wanted to melt into it

Erin said...

Lake Michigan takes it over the Mississippi any day in color. Unless, of course, you've got a daily hankering for the river, which I do, which means I'm sated by that brown, brown, brown.