Friday, March 16, 2007

poets gone wild

Woo-hoo! Spring Break!

Actually this means absolutely nothing to me, since I have to work anyway next week, the dreaded 9-5 shift to boot. But at least there's no classes or pesky things due to clutter up my time. Besides, the closest I ever got to spring break hi-jinks was a Habitat for Humanity trip in college where we bunked in a church (and no, I did not burst into flames..) Though we did do quite a bit of drinking nightly in Starksville, which is a college town, so of course, ample in its bars.. Of course we had to be up and building FREAKING HOUSES the next morning in the Mississippi sun, so it was hardly sand, surf, and pina coladas. Plus I got my backpack stolen, losing my notes for my senior seminar in Milton, some poem drafts, and my precious journal. And of course, only a poet would take those things on a spring break trip.

Next week, since I can clear my head a little,I am going to devote solely to writing. Pushing off some editing things I need to do, the new chap which is with the author as we speak for corrections, the submissions for wicked alice. They can wait, for the moment. Of course, I'm also going to delve into my new book pile, which should give me sufficient inspiration.

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