Sunday, March 18, 2007

blissfully quiet weekend


1pm. Wake up after sleeping in due to lateness of Friday night hi-jinks. Eat breakfast and have coffee. Read some blogs, check all e-mail accounts (personal, dgp, wicked alice) Look for the perfect summer blanket to buy. Also, summer skirts.

2pm. Begin reading Julianna Baggot’s Lizzie Borden in Love. Drink tea. Write notes for own poems. Doze on couch.

4pm. Straiten up kitchen and do dishes from Friday night’s dinner, Sandwich for lunch. Look at old journals again. Write lengthy blog entry. Peruse etsy and vow to buy nothing I don’t absolutely need.

6pm. Decide it’s cold and I’d be much more comfortable in bed. Nap.

7pm. Try to sort laundry into piles. Decide to go check mail and see if there is anything interesting and/or packages. Remember, it is St. Patrick’s Day, and there are not one but two parties going on my floor, confirmed by the nice guys in the elevator with three cases of Miller . Decide this will not be a good night to attempt doing laundry. In mail, Netflix movies and contributor copies of Swink.

8pm-10pm. Combination of mindless web surfing wit headphones on and attempting to write poem from notes earlier. Neither proves fruitful.

10pm. Fix dinner..yummy chicken fried rice. Sit down to watch The Science of Sleep..a dream-like and sweet little foreign movie.

12-2pm. Straighten up kitchen again. Wind up back on Etsy like it’s a crack house. Buy things. Spend another hour investigating flip flop options for summer. Take a shower. Go to bed.


11am, get up. Eat breakfast. Have coffee. Check personal e-mail.

12pm. read through the copy of Court Green that appeared magically in my mailbox in the English Dept. Love some poems by Jennifer Willoughby and Darcie Dennigan, neither or whom I’ve ever encountered before. Make notes for own poems. (still too early in the day to attempt writing.)

1pm. Decide I’m cold again and return to bed with my notebook, earl grey, and Lizzie Borden in Love. Finish it. After playing with cats in attack mode beneath the blanket, take a three hour nap. Decide my sleep schedule is, in fact, beginning to resemble that of cats.

4pm. Stay in bed where it’s warmer. Start reading Baggot’s other book Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees. Get up, make bed.

5pm. Make more tea. Play with camera. Take pics of all rooms in their current clean state to remind myself to keep them that way. Post them on Flickr.

6pm. Make more tea. Quick perusal through favorites list to see what people are up to. Begin writing this entry.

7-ish pm. Call from my mother. The lowdown on family gossip and what the cats have been up to.

8pm. Finish writing this entry. Post.

9pm--bed. Make dinner, a penne with crème sauce concotion we will see how pans out. Watch Netflix treasures- the first and only season of Point Pleasant --The OC meets Buffy apparently. Determine whether or not to do laundry. Probably decide against it.

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