Saturday, March 03, 2007


Is it bad that for every 5 or so bucks I made selling books I somehow kept running off to buy just one more thing that cost twice as much? I managed to procure my own copies of some favorites I’ve been hoarding from the library. Also, lots of new stuff I’ll list as soon as I get back to Chicago and unpack. Was disappointed that a few presses seemed only to be taking orders by credit card/check and not cash and carry, sort of ruining that all important impulse buy. Also, the layout was a bit odd, which made it hard to find things. I had to map out which presses I wanted to visit and make a beeline lest I get lost in the labyrinth of blue skirted tables.

Early mornings at the book fair meant I was bone-tired exhausted most of the time, but it was quite fun, getting to hang out with the Switchback crew and meet all sorts of folks , including some past/future dgp authors, and some wicked alice contributors. Also new people I hope will send work to both. Also, LOTS of bloggers in the list your right, and very cool folks I’d only had e-mail conversations with previously. Sold some books. Gave away buttons. Wore flip-flops at even the slightest hint of warm weather. Wednesday night, had some drinks. Got to hang out with some Chicago folks I don't see nearly enough. Thursday, took a nap then holed myself up in the room and pored over my newest aquisitions before indulging in a way overpriced dinner in the hotel restaurant while it poured outside. Friday, much fun at the Frock You! Reading with its rather awesome lineup. I didn’t manage to get to any panels, but found the one I planned to go to and missed has been serendipitously recorded on MiPo.

The Marriot was super swanky, the view from the eighteenth floor gorgeous, and the weather, though a little rainy and cool, still blissful. Sadly, no time for the GWTW museum or wandering much further afield. Also, really tragic stuff happening all around—tornados, bus crashes. (We saw some of the shaken bus survivors who’d just been released from the hospital checking into the hotel Friday night, their belongings in garbage bags and accompanied by very shaken parents.) Scary shit.

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Juliet Blood Pudding said...

'Might just be me! I'm currently en route back home from Atlanta, and staying overnight in a Days Inn just outside Clarkesville, TN finally catching up on my blog reading...It is a bit charming here, though it's close to a military base, so everyone is wearing fatigues even in restaurants...that is a lovely name for a town, though...'

I will be the ruler of that town and make everyone wear legwarmers!

Just kidding.

And hi!

I just visited your site a short while ago and read your entry about the conference. It sounded busy, but fun.

I'm intereted in hearing more about your literary acquistions.