Thursday, February 08, 2007

Occasionally, I have way too many projects spinning in my head and just need to SLOW DOWN. There's finishing touches on girl show (soon to be venturing into the contest circuit). Cornell, of course. The fear poems, which just might be taking form, along with some more visual stuff, in a chapbook via the dusie kollektiv project this year, (and most of them also in the big book later on).
Also, Jen's chapbook to finish before AWP, and still copies of Brandi's to get out to people who want them. (BTW--go congratulate Switchback Books, their first title looks heavenly.)

I turned in/out some Cornell poems for the ekphrastic class today. I seem to have been two things with these poems, either dealing with the boxes directly or using Cornell's styles and materials to creat my own little "boxes" or vignettes of sorts. Most of these have been published or out in submission, so it's probably stupid to take them into workshop since they're already done to the point I like them at for now, but I'm hoping to get some feedback on what the poems are doing exactly, to talk about how the project is manifesting itself in regard to the idea of ekphrasis.


Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Switchback Books looks neato.

I received 'Feign' and the dgp chap. in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to reading both. Thank you! Thanks also for the dgp buttons and the keen card!

'Feign' looks pretty darn good; I like the dark green inside cover paper.

Perhaps I'll write a little review of it after I've read it, as I seem to be in this strange review-writing mood right now. Then again, that mood may pass soon, as my moods are fickle beasts.

Have a lovely weekend.

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Hi there again. I read 'Feign' last night/this morning and I loved it! You are one of my very favorite poets working today. I wrote a little about the book on my xanga site--not technically a review per se--but just some of my own personal thoughts.

Now I can hardly wait until your next book comes out!