Monday, February 19, 2007

awp news

dgp is pleased as hell to be sharing a table with Switchback Books at the book fair this year, so you should most definitely stop by. We'll be selling all of our 2006 titles and new releases, including Brandi Homan's Two Kinds of Arson and the freshly minted See Also Electric Light by Jen Tynes (so freshly minted I'm still tinkering with layout.). All for the very low price of 3 for $10--as always keeping the "cheap" in chapbook. Lately, these babies shave been selling like hotcakes and for a few titles, I'm bringing the last few copies to the fair. If you want any of the titles from earlier last year, this will be your best chance to get them before they're a goner.

In addition to peddling chapbooks, you may also find me on Thursday at 2pm signing copies of feign at the DIAGRAM/New Michigan table, and Friday night at Django for the Frock You! extravaganza--a whole host of poets including a signifigant number of dgp and wicked alice peeps.

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marybid said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you, Kristy (and buying some books).

See you next week!