Monday, January 22, 2007

The last couple of days have been devoted largely to dgp matters, gearing up for AWP, assembling extra copies of chaps I'm running low on from last year and fretting over the budget (yes, amazingly, I'm trying to be organized this year). It does not help to be ordering pink scarves from etsy and chapbooks from Octopus with the paypal account.(which is actually empty now and thus emptying my bank account.) I did, on the more legit side of things, order coverstock, toner, and stamps--which definitely ate up the proceeds of this months actual sales, plus my first-ever royalty check from Ghost Road. (getting actual money for my poetry oddly made me, for once, feel something like a professional writer, and not just someone who plays one on TV.) Plus, I managed to get out all of nearly two weeks of orders, so they should be on their way.

In other news, I've been preparing a e-mailing list at NMP's request for feign. You all should be hearing about the release soon (sorry in advance for the spam.) Trades will, of course, be welcome also. My copies are on their way to me as I speak, so I should have some pictures soon.

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K.A. Bell said...

Hey...I bought one of those! Of course, I want a copy of Feign when it is available. Congrats on that royalty check...very cool beans.