Thursday, January 18, 2007

I’ve been spending this last week of freedom before classes start trying to get little things taken care of, publicity stuff for the press done, poems submitted, things mailed out, getting girl show in order, and novels read. It’s damn cold here now after all, the air too dry and staticky, the sun too low in the sky. Tomorrow, a trip to the art store and a venture into the bookstore to see what the damage might be this semester if I decided to buy instead of borrow my books. Plus, I have a craving for hot chocolate not of the Swiss Miss variety.

Recently, I’ve been in paper heaven--having stumbled across this, and been clued into this by Jen Tynes, both of which have much subtler and delightful shades than everyone else I’ve been buying from. I tend to buy heavier plain white laser paper for the text block because it’s cheaper, but the last batch was way too smooth and bright white, so I’ve gone back to the recycled, slightly ivory paper from Staples.

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